7 Direct Mail Quality Checks

We take your direct mail and printing seriously. To make sure every project meets our standards of quality and looks exactly like you want it to, we do the following quality checks:

  1. We ask questions – We make sure we know exactly what you want your printing and mailings to look like.
  2. We check your files – When we receive your files, we check to make sure they conform to USPS Standards, to make sure your mail runs through the USPS Mail Stream efficiently.
  3. We send proofs for every job – We make sure you receive a soft or hard copy proof of every job, this ensures there are no problems with your job.
  4. We check your mailing list – We double check every mailing list to make sure the data we are mailing, matches the data in your data file. We will also de-duplicate your mailing list, at your request, or provide other enhancements.
  5. We move update your mailing list – We NCOA (National Change of Address) every mailing list, you get the most up to date addresses possible.
  6. We check the postage – We make sure that you’re getting the best postage rates.
  7. We double check your inserts – Before we put the pieces in your envelope, we make sure they are the correct ones and are printed properly.

We want to make sure we do the job right the first time, it’s good for you and good for us. Have a project you need quoted? Request a quote now!

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